Guo Kai, an engineering master, graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology

Kai, Guo


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Male|23 Years old|Living in Suzhou|1 Year 4Month
Recent Work: Research Specialist Staff in  SIBET of CAS
 Degree:Master of Engineering Mechanics   in  Harbin Institute of Technology

Basic Info:
Wechat ID: kai_1_
Hukou/Nation: Huaibei
Marital Status: Unmarried
Stature: 170cm
Weight: 62Kg

Current Annual Income ¥*.*Kx12 (Including basic salary,subsidy,bonus,etc)

Educational Background:
Harbin Institute of Technology, Master of Mechanical Engineering ,Sep.2013-Jul.2015
Harbin Institute of Technology ,Bachelor of Mechanical Manufacturing, Sep.2009-Jul.2013

Design and Fabrication of a Skew-Typed Longitudinal-Torsional Composite Ultrasonic Vibrator for Titanium Wire Drawing. IEEE Access. 2016.
Research on a Composite Power-Superimposed Ultrasonic Vibrator for Wire Drawing. Applied Sciences. 2016, 6(2), 32; 
高速空气静压止推轴承建模与分析, 实验室研究与探索,2016

Activity Experience:
Interned in SSAB (APAC) Kun Shan ,Jul.2014-Aug.2014
Interned in Hangzhou First PV Material co., LTD, Jun.2014-Jul.2014
Served as a “Teaching Assistant” in SME of HIT , Feb.2014-Jun.2014
“Assistant Manager” of HIT Apartment Management Center  , Sep.2013-Jun.2014
Participates in entrepreneurship training in Heilongjiang, Mar.2013-May2013
Interned in Changchun FAW Group, Sep.2012-Oct.2012
Interned in Harbin electric Corp., and Harbin bearing Ltd, Apr.2012-Apr.2012

Proficiency in SolidWorks, UG, AutoCAD; skilled CNC programming using UG;
Proficient in using  ANSYS, FLUENT and other finite element analysis software;
Proficiency in C++ Builder, Java, Python,MATLAB and other programming languages ;
Master of Office, image processing (PS), animation (FLASH), web editing software, etc.

Honors & Awards:
Sep.2013 Second scholarship of Graduate Entrance
Oct.2012 Awarded School Excellent Individual in Social Practice (1/25)
Oct.2011 Getting third prize in “UEFA Cup” bionic robot contest
Apr.2011 Second scholarship of Harbin institute of technology (2/25)
Mar.2011 Second prize of Logo and Apparel in a design contest of SME (3/24)
Feb.2011 Awarded Social Practice Actively Student (1/25)

Hobbies and Self-evaluation:
Hobbies: Badminton, Football, Traveling, Computer network, Graphic design;
Self-evaluation:Good learning, adaptability and performance ability; confident, optimistic.

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